Those Who Love | Phan

Those Who Love | Phan

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Dan is a prince - and a different one at that. Usually you'd think that being a prince is a dream come true, but not for Dan. He just wants a normal life, normal friends, maybe a boyfriend...
Finally, he gets the chance to move to a place far away from his small kingdom and live with his Auntie Eleanor. The problem? He has to pretend that he's not a prince. 
Lying? He's not so great at that.

But for someone who wanted a boyfriend but hated the idea of love, he never expected to actually fall in love.

Phil Lester. The boy with the black hair, who actually likes Dan for Dan. And so Dan can't tell him that he's a prince in a place on the other side of the world - and he wants it to stay that way. Otherwise he'll have to move back home and never return. 

Will everybody find out? Will his chance at a normal life be ruined?

Dan finds out that not everything is always normal, and most definitely, you can never avoid being one of those who love.

ms_jaden ms_jaden 7 days ago
Good. Cuz I just read a Phanfic last night and Dan committed suicide and I've been feeling depressed about it.
PhanTrashNo3 PhanTrashNo3 13 hours ago
Is this hinting that Dan is going to sleep with Phil shirtless
ms_jaden ms_jaden 7 days ago
I only swim free
                              If you got my refrense then I worship you
RaptorAtel RaptorAtel Feb 09
I wanna be free, I wanna be loved
                              I wanna be more than you're thinking of
Thanks for notifying me some other people don't do and it's really appreciated 🙂