My Only ONE // Kim YUGYEOM

My Only ONE // Kim YUGYEOM

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Got7teen_Yugyeom By Got7teen_Yugyeom Updated 2 days ago

It's about a girl who always get bullied by three bad guy of the school and always being disturb by a big playboy of the school.Enjoy reading !

Kim Yugyeom -a badass boy. He was scary and arrogant yet kind with his mom.He really love to beat and bullied someone.

Shin Hwakyung - just move from LA to Korea.Friendly,but sometimes arrogant.She got a nickname 'dog' from Yugyeom.

Other cast
Wang Jackson - a foreighner.Friend of Yugyeom
Bambam - in other eyes,he might be a scary boy but in reality,he's really funny and childish
Kang Sena - Hwakyung's friend when she was in new school.really friendly and kind.
Junior - a big playboy of the school
JB - hwakyung's senior and the leader of basketball team.caring,always think positive,kind,sweet
Choi Youngjae - JB's close friend and classmate.kind,caring
Mark Tuan - Hwakyung's classmate and close friend.He always give Hwakyung motivation and really care about her

KingaJason KingaJason Jul 16
So the fluffy cutie patootie Gyeomie was the one she walked into?, Well damn he's really tall he's surprised she ran into him??? Bambam is adorable I love him I can give him some manners
KingaJason KingaJason Jul 16
Slave? Bitch you guessing by the end of the week you'll be bowing down to me
slooliana slooliana Sep 22
im not 100 percent sure but im korean and im pretty sure thats a guys name
KingaJason KingaJason Jul 16
I'm alright with that being the person I am I would have been nervous. But in my head I have a poker face and I would be slightly disgusted, but his charming attitude is amusing for a fuckboy😏
x3Neko x3Neko Nov 01
Bitch stfu, i'm the queen of everything, who are you to talk to me like thst
Why does junior look like he is a mom about to lecture herkids