The Hidden Maiden

The Hidden Maiden

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wischerandrea By wischerandrea Updated Jan 29, 2017

"Stop struggling and submit to me. Or I'll make you," he whispered beside my ear with a deadly tone.

"I will never kneel before you willingly." I replied.

"Have it your way then, sweetheart..." He chuckled.

Victoria Rose Dunham is a typical she wolf, just a regular pack member of the Rising Crescent Pack in England. She's your average plain jane - dull, boring, lacking, insignificant almost. And she's a real late bloomer. She can disappear behind the background without anyone noticing, if not for the bullying and her feisty attitude.

Then there's Lewis Cedric Rowan, the heir to the great Alpha King. The next in line to the succession of the royal throne. The limelight that steals the show. The 'Prince Charming' seem to have everything everyone desires.

But things aren't always as they seem, isn't it?

Will they find the love they deserve? Or will they crumble and succumb to their fates? Read on as the story unfolds with many untold truths and dark pasts that will haunt them forever.

WARNING: Story contains some elements of abuse and strong languages. Please refrain from reading if you are uncomfortable with it.


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Published 30th January 2016

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Cowgirljr Cowgirljr Dec 17, 2017
This first paragraph is making me feel as if this is your own experience of life and how you tend to look at it. Am I right? Also this first paragraph has me wanting to read and read and keep on reading... cant wait to start
EMOTRASH__421 EMOTRASH__421 Feb 20, 2017
I am left speechless because this is so good, I can tell this is going to be a really good story