~SugaMon~Just One Bite

~SugaMon~Just One Bite

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It's a cold winter evening. Snow is falling strongly, blurring up Yoongi's sight. Suddenly the street falls to silence, deep, absolute silence. Yoongi turns on his heels, screams and his feet start running, far, far away from the tall, looming shadow. 

//there isn't enough vampire sugamon out there so I'm helping out. Small mentions of blood and teeth. Gets explicit at Chapter 5.//

The main ship is Sugamon, but there is a bit of VKook and maybe JiHope. ;)

Meet Kim Namjoon everybody, the world's first clumsy vampire XD
debsluvsbts debsluvsbts Jul 12
Why is this so good and why do I like the "gay" side of Yoongi so much. Idk.
Wolfhuntress05 Wolfhuntress05 Nov 13, 2016
True he has a really seductive voice one reason why he's my bias
*jungkook and namjoon* .......pardon😂😂😂😃😂😂😂😂😂
TwiceAsGay TwiceAsGay Sep 12, 2016
Namjoon tripping made me second hand facepalm myself. Smooth Namjoon smooth
pray4evet pray4evet Jan 05
God of destruction go to.... Dance monster !!👏👏👏👏