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Naruto:The Almighty Sage

Naruto:The Almighty Sage

29.1K Reads 868 Votes 7 Part Story
The odd sky By Anti18 Updated Oct 11, 2016

What if Naruto had the powers of the sage of six paths, Kami, The Shinigami, The Shodai Hokage,the Yondaime Hokage, and Madara Uchiha. What if he had a ancient power,unlike any other. What if it is more powerful than even the Sage's eyes. What if it was called the Kyoukagan. What if it isn't a what if. What if Naruto isn't as stupid as we thought he was ? I don't own the Kyoukagan, I got it from the Fanfiction called Shattered Eyes.

I wish Anti18 would use dialogue more often, it gets really confusing to read..... a lot..
Assanjin Assanjin May 26
Thus far I feel the powers are rushed. Like bombarding one after another in quick succession leaving no room to breathe. I do see a lot of potential for this story but I recommend you slow down and let the events sink in an breathe.
also... did Sasuke just fall asleep in his dying mother's ARMS?!
rowaparagon rowaparagon May 11, 2016
hey ive read shattered eyes... its a good story... i took the dojutsu and added to it but took some things away as well...
Anti18 Anti18 Feb 07, 2016
Sorry I'm currently writing a chapter for this, as well as my other stories.
gamers_3s_lolard gamers_3s_lolard Jun 12, 2016
Jeez, he is turning into mikasa, ( this is funny cause as I'm writing this I'm listening to the 1st opening )