girly ; phan

girly ; phan

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花樣年華 By floralyixing Completed

❝They extended their hand to shake. That didn't look like a girl's hand. But, why would a boy be wearing a skirt?❞

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this is terrible and i don't know why anyone is reading this ((:

all rights unfortunately go to meee

SparrowWTB SparrowWTB Nov 14, 2016
I think it is super cool that you are rewriting this beautiful book. Of course, your book is much better than mine, so I don't see it as half-assed, but believe what you will
-seymour -seymour Nov 14, 2016
you should, you already have the base all you need to do is just mix up the words :^)
cloudsandeyes cloudsandeyes Nov 14, 2016
this is extremely sweet of you as most authors just take down a book once they've lost interest in a ship. im really happy that you're considering your readers feelings, thank you✨
pastelpiano pastelpiano Nov 17, 2016
I'm really happy for you!!! I just read the book today but I loved it! The only thing I would change would be a bit more focus on the therapy sessions since there was a threat from the therapist and (as stupid as this sounds) I want to see what happens. Love your work!
sexydaniel sexydaniel Nov 14, 2016
I honestly loved this book. Can't wait for the rewrite if you decide to publish it :)
LlamasLions LlamasLions Nov 14, 2016
It's really a good book but I can see you wanting to fix it up a bit and in the end you being proud of this book is all that should matter