The Dragon's Familiar

The Dragon's Familiar

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They installed fear in the hearts of almost every person in the village Vernonae, a large village surrounding by deep dense forest. 

" Don't go into the forest." 
" You're not allowed." 
" You're  weak." 
" How are you even the duchesses daughter?" 

That's what Valkyrie had to face everyday. 

To her family, to her village she was the weak link, a disgrace. 

Always being compared to her sister who everyone said was better, beautiful, and more graceful then she would ever be. 

So what happens when a certain someone's friends disrupts a sleeping dragon. 

And what happens when they pin the blame on her? 

*loosely based on beauty and the beast

12/8/16: #117 in fantasy

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my jerk sister is nicer than this one  how can she even be named 'sister' shes so abusive to her sibling.
Evie202 Evie202 Aug 25
Nooooo! My names Evie, now I'm going to feel like the bad guy in this story😭
                              Why author, why?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
TheCrow0 TheCrow0 Oct 29
I read it in an 'r u mad bro?' Voice time to destroy the internet
Bìtch! What the Fúck you are you saying you Motherfúcking àsswipe!?!
I'm getting flashbacks to Marissa Meyer's Heartless, make the pain stop 😭😭😭😭
How dare you, you insolent mortal, you know nothing of the great dragons