Little Princess

Little Princess

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PrincessOfTheLittles By PrincessOfTheLittles Updated Jul 07

What's life like when you are known as a princess by everyone but you want to be the princess to caregiver. When you find out a little adoption center is your key to love.  That's the life of a little. A little named Juliet.

All the while what is life when you're an owner of your own company yet still feel lonely. You know what you want and that is a little princess of your very own. That's the life of caregiver. A caregiver named Dante.

What will be in store for the two? You find out.

TheInnocentPerson TheInnocentPerson Apr 25, 2016
I've always wanted a DDLG relationship because I've never had a father figure
sailormonie sailormonie Jul 12, 2016
i didn't even start reading but i know this story will be really cute~~(◕ᴥ◕)
Are there actually adoption centers to get little's? Like is that an actual thing?
StoompLaPoof StoompLaPoof Sep 02, 2016
I know the manga that's the cover of this story.... Good taste.