Arranged Marriage (A Justin Bieber love story)

Arranged Marriage (A Justin Bieber love story)

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Jona By beliieberforliife Updated Jul 09, 2014

"Megan Hastings, she is the popular girl in school, very beautiful and really rich. Long story short, her life is perfect." That's what someone would anwer you if you asked them who Megan Hastings is. But her life is far from perfect, she lets other people know what she wants them to know.               

At the age of 17, Megan found out that she is getting an arranged marriage and right after that, she was forced to move in together with her fiancé. But there is something you should know. Megan and her fiancé don't get along. In fact, they are enemies.               

 Read to find out what will happen between the two. Will they fall for each other or will they manage to find a way to stop the wedding?           

After all, there is only a thin line between love and hate.                  

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Looks away ashamed of my eye brows that ain't of fleek no more
bieberscumking bieberscumking Feb 14, 2016
My name is Jake from state farm. I help with your insurance. Please come so we can get payed.
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Please uppdate!! Can't wait til you post the next chapter ♥