My Babysitters Are Idiots // One Direction [Book 1: Idiot Series]

My Babysitters Are Idiots // One Direction [Book 1: Idiot Series]

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The Summer of 2013 is the Summer that will change Mica Adams' life forever.

Mica is a normal fourteen-year-old girl, she just hates a lot of things.

Like her family, people at her school, people in general, pink, skirts, and One Direction.

Her hatred towards the boys becomes a bit of a problem, though, when her dad decides to hire One Direction to babysit his angel.

Shit happens, stuff goes wrong, hell breaks lose when Mica finds out her babysitters are idiots.

[Completed: Book two is out and completed].

Not trying to be rude or offensive but gay also means happy. Maybe that's what she was aiming for?
My little cousin that's staying with me his name is Jamica but we call him micah
I love her but at the same time hate her. I just dont know what to feel about her 😑😣
WHO DO U THINK UR CALLING A FUCKTARD HUH?!? jk LLN. I am laughing so hard at this
United-lady-4ever United-lady-4ever Aug 17, 2015
wow first one to comment on Louis, I thought all the ppl who love him would have commented already, but anyways Louis would bigger great for the role Louis Tomlinson, same looks same accent same height same everything
DancerMac DancerMac Jan 03, 2015