Forced To Date A Gangleader (FDG) {Editing}

Forced To Date A Gangleader (FDG) {Editing}

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"My love, its really not up to you is it?" The dork that forced me to live with him says with a smile on his perfectly made face.

"Don't you ever and I mean ever call me that! I will never love a monster like you!" I yell at him.

The smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with anger.
He got up and walked to me putting his hands on the counter blocking me in.

He leans in and whispers, "Oh baby, you know you love me."


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Lukes_luv Lukes_luv Dec 27, 2016
& his last name is gonna be reminding me of ramen throughout this book so imma go make some brb fam
LacedCrown LacedCrown Jan 07
He better have some bomb ass  nickname or somethin... 
                              Timothy 😷 lmao fuckouttahere with that 😂😂😂
Bluerk9 Bluerk9 Jan 14
Timothy. Could have gone for Alexandre, Sebastian, maybe Jack?
No I would run out the door to go to the police or some one you trusts but whatever
percylover21401 percylover21401 Dec 26, 2016
I just can't see him be named Timothy therefore from here on his shall be Alexander Alex for short
XxLyssaaaxX XxLyssaaaxX Dec 30, 2016
Gross my dad's name is Timothy...i'm gonna imagine something different