Parallel [Naruto Fanfiction]

Parallel [Naruto Fanfiction]

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Rule By The_Anime_Rule Updated Jun 07, 2017

It was the end of the line for him... 

What he didn't expect was The Reaper having mercy on him...

What he didn't expect was to wake up in the hospital with his wife worried sick about him...

What he didn't expect was that he had 3 children..... 

More importantly... why was everything so wrong in this new parallel world he woke up in?


Sorry for the sucky summary but if you want to know more... Read to find out :D

  • alone
  • betrayal
  • hurt
  • kushina
  • menma
  • minato
  • minatoandkushinaalive
  • mito
  • naruto
  • neglect
sara4444444444444 sara4444444444444 Apr 06, 2017
Me: I like this. Minato: Sara I will make some chocolate cake for you. Me: make it now please.
Neko-Nini Neko-Nini Jul 23, 2017
                              *lee and guy/gai PTSD flashbacks*
                              If you have seen the picture you know why
lazia- lazia- Jan 05, 2017
I love It you have an amazing talent. I envy you(*≧▽≦)
Interviner Interviner Jan 02, 2017
Mate I can tell as long you keep this story consistent and tidy, it will be greater than before.
MangaMad23 MangaMad23 Jan 05, 2017
Idk why. But I was crying the whole time while reading this. Btw nice story so far it just makes me drool for more. 😊😊😊😋😊
                              That sounded need weird
Seeker_Brothers Seeker_Brothers Jan 31, 2017
Me : *sniff* *cries slightly*
                              My sis : Are you crying over a Wattpad story again? 
                              Me : *sniff* no *sniff* body spasms ok
                              My sis : of course *sweatdrop*