Vecchia classe di Vongola? (Vongola's Old Class? KHR fanfic)

Vecchia classe di Vongola? (Vongola's Old Class? KHR fanfic)

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May By KHRGiottoTsuna Updated Oct 21, 2016

"Well what shall we do about that?" A slivernette asked the brunette behind a fancy paper filled desk. The brunette looked up from the paper he had in his hand.

"I don't know Hayato, my mother wants me to visit her that same week and I promised her I would drag my father with me so I had originally had that week marked as busy since I was going to be in Japan so it wouldn't hurt to go, it's the same week we are going to be in Japan anyway." The brunette said looking at the silvernette, Hayato, who was also thinking it was not a bad idea to go and show all of his bosses old bullies.

"Alright when are we leaving?" Hayato asked standing up from the couch he had been sitting in since his boss called for him.

"We leave in three hours." Vongola Decimo said standing up and grabbing a briefcase from a self.

"Yes Tsuna I'll let them know of the slight schedule change." Hayato said before leave Tsuna's office to go tell the other guardians. Once Hayato left Tsuna picked up his phone dialing ...

HelenaVWG HelenaVWG Mar 29, 2016
*eyes have some sparkles* So cool~!! As expected from Tsunayoshi-kun~ ♡♡♡
Alyzia80 Alyzia80 Sep 08, 2016
C'monnnnnn guys! He's killed someone in the manga/anime! (Though he WAS much more pissed...)
HelenaVWG HelenaVWG Mar 29, 2016
...That is so not my Tsunayoshi-kun... He should be kind hearted!! 😢😢 (Ignore it :v)
-leighschips -leighschips Jun 20, 2016
I thought this was on Italian and I'm like, "Google Translate... You better do this sht right."