blue • phan

blue • phan

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gimme love, gimme dreams, give me a good self esteem.


in which daniel howell is a hopeless romantic and philip lester is a slightly less public hopeless romantic.

in which daniel howell is more than a little bit bubbly and philip lester is more than a little bit of an enigma.

in which daniel howell is ensnared by the blue eyes of philip lester, and philip lester is ensnared by daniel howell as a whole.

//phan au

//lowercase intended


When I saw this I was like "I don't know about this. I might not read it" *reads first line* "SOLD"
PEOPLE ARENT THIS NICE THO. But then again it's probably Phil so I understand. I love this universe can I plz live here
marilyn is one of my great aunts names and i don't like her lol
Marilyn is my grandma's name and all I can picture is her and this is a problem.