A World Of Wonders ( HunterxHunter Fanfic)

A World Of Wonders ( HunterxHunter Fanfic)

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KingIsCutest By Amy_Senpai Updated Jan 09

Knowing that the sole reason you exist is to fulfil the selfish desires of a nut-job- 
but at the same time REALLY smart- scientist....
Isn't the best feeling in the world.

But luckily for Saki, she's a born optimist.

Sure she feels sad about it but the way she sees things, it's either: 

sulk around and feel sorry for yourself-

or deny destiny and forge your own path!

And Saki, is quite the thrill seeker...

"Hunter exam...? 

Sounds like a challenge...


*Psssssst* I don't own HunterxHunter!!!

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ButImANugget ButImANugget Apr 09, 2016
Omg this is such a unique plot for a hunterxhunter fanfic! High five author-chan!