Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface

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brit By britxcvi Updated a day ago

The "Big Head Beckham Babies" glo up😭😍 Victoria's is definitely the most accurate🤔 



I shut the trunk of my car and stared at all the boxes that were inside of it. It was finally moving day and a start towards the newest chapter of my life-college. 

"I'ma miss you, Tori." Tank sighed, hugging me tightly. 

I laughed and put my hand on my hip, as he pulled away, "I'm literally three hours away, Tank. Just three."

"Yeah, but you're stayin' there for like months at a time. The longest I been away from you is three hours." He replied in a duh tone, causing me to laugh. 

"I promise, I'll come home as often as I can." I pinched his cheek, which I know he hated. 

He swatted my hands away, "Don't do that, Victoria. Anyways, promise you'll come to my first game?"

"If you make the team." I teased, sticking out my tongue. 

"Girl, bye." He smacked his teeth, "I am a lil' nervous." 

"Why?" I furrowed my eyebrows, "You're never nervous."

"We're in a whole new state; surro...

melaninpapi melaninpapi Jan 14
That's messed up I hate when ppl say that it's not my fault I'm Of wealth 😕 I was born do you want me to kill myself and then I'm a rich kid who took granted of my opportunities 😩 life too hard my nigga
Lmaooooo ain't no body talented in any sport in Natchitoches louisiana
wedderburn71 wedderburn71 Nov 06, 2016
Ok I want to know what happened to Tori and why Tank don't like Mikayla...I know how they feel I just went through this in August with my daughter...they grow up so fast
Atx_Isha Atx_Isha 2 days ago
Yeah because I told my parents before I was even in the womb to get rich 😒  fuckk outta here
So from what I gathered they in louisiana, she Goin to lsu which is in br, the only town 3 hours from br is Natchitoches.