~мσи ¢нєяι~  (Cat Noir/Adrien x reader)

~мσи ¢нєяι~ (Cat Noir/Adrien x reader)

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Ash-Chan By FandomSweetness Updated Mar 26, 2017

Having a crush on Adrien is really great up until a certain superhero shows up. Are you going to able to love two people? Or is it really one person?

PeepReadsFanFics PeepReadsFanFics Nov 10, 2017
*laughs insanely* Odd behavior, no pssh, *stabs nearest person* Not me. *Laughs crazily*
all_things_childish1 all_things_childish1 Apr 25, 2017
i imagine the teacher as my once really nice reception teacher who is actually sarcastic
FandomSweetness FandomSweetness Apr 17, 2016
@Brianna_The_Neko That's the point. She isn't supposed to be in my story.
asphyxiated_kitten asphyxiated_kitten Jan 13, 2017
This is very similar to mine! Except, mine's not done yet.... :/
asphyxiated_kitten asphyxiated_kitten Jan 13, 2017
Only when your crush is like Marinette's crush, and you actually have your crush's agenda for a day, ONLY THEN are you a stalker. In this case, we're ALMOST (ALMOST) a stalker.
FandomSweetness FandomSweetness May 06, 2016
@Brianna_The_Neko @GrowingShadows She is not supposed to be in this story yet. I will add her soon to another part.