the lost soul  -  undertale

the lost soul - undertale

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(Y/N), an ordinary (Y/A) year old human left their village in hopes of finding their friend Frisk, who climbed the notorious Mt.Ebott but never returned. Relying only on the determination in their heart will they manage to get out? Will they find their friend? Or will they be trapped down there for eternity?
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Completed on January 28th 2016 at 9:01 pm

Wriiae Wriiae Oct 24, 2016
Thank god I can choose wich gender I am. All the stories I see are for 'girls'.
Tuckertuck Tuckertuck Sep 28, 2016
I like how when i get to the comment section of every story, 'the girl on the train' is playing
DuchessChrysanthemum DuchessChrysanthemum Aug 15, 2016
But your interruptions make us wiled up, which makes us want to read it more.
ohwowmeowza ohwowmeowza May 23, 2016
Yeah, you are Soooo good at English so far, I think you'll do great.
NaruKurama NaruKurama Aug 29, 2016
For English not being your first language is pretty well written. Good job :3
Sarcastic_Mouse Sarcastic_Mouse Aug 15, 2016
Wow bold and underline caps doe. AND HOLY CRAB BASKETS YOUR BILINGUAL