Playground ➳2Jae

Playground ➳2Jae

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tragic By havocjae Updated Jan 09

+'Youngjae bit his lip turning a bright red shade unconsciously brushing his finger tips over his nipples.'

'Jaebum caught the movement with his eyes, trying to contain himself at the sight'


Oh Geez. Why are they wearing heels to high school? 😂😂😂
jisoos__krist jisoos__krist 6 days ago
Well crap youngjae look wtf u did..WAIT THIS IS A GOOD THING (PROCEED)
jisoos__krist jisoos__krist 6 days ago
Bambams  going to stab him insert picture of bambam with knife
Susr12 Susr12 a day ago
I'm imagining youngjae cat walking to Lisa's part in the beginning of boombaya