Forbidden (BTS Fanfiction / BTS Fanfic) JungKook

Forbidden (BTS Fanfiction / BTS Fanfic) JungKook

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ArmelleR By ArmelleR Updated Dec 29, 2017

Some say your life begins when you become a fœtus. Others say it is when you come into this world as a newborn.

Most of them will feel like their life begins once they become an adult.

Me ?

I never really thought about it, but right now, I feel like it's about to happen.

A new life far away from my family, my friends and my hometown. A new life away from everything I know.

A new life as an Idol.


Ever since she started dancing and singing in her bedroom, Amy wanted to becomes an idol.

She didn't know how but it felt like it was her faith.

A faith that was about to happen when she got a call from the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment.

Her excitement however slow down as took in reality what being an idol really means.

Responsibilities, pression, lack of sleep, paparazzi, scandals...

And as if it wasn't already enough, here comes JungKook, the maknae of BTS.

The sudden attraction she felt toward him scared her so much that she took it as a mission to avoid him.

She can't let it becomes more than a simple attraction.

She doesn't trust guys. Not after her last break up.

Most of all, she can't date him.

Actually, she was forbidden to date.

A/N : This is a rewritten version of 'Is it Love ?'.

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