Bat love (batman x reader)

Bat love (batman x reader)

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Lady Deadpool :3 By xxLady_Wilsonxx Updated Sep 04, 2016

Your were just a normal girl in the streets till batman found you, of course. So, having a boss (bruce wayne) and a boyfriend (batman) it can't get any better than this. Oh wait... It can get better. 

Batman fans. : )

Credit to dc and it's characters.

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Kittua_Zoldyck Kittua_Zoldyck Mar 22, 2017
Knowing batman, i dont think he would call someone he loves a "pet". He would have more respect for the woman who he shows intrest in.
IDabThatsAll IDabThatsAll Jun 23, 2017
Man I thought i was bad ass.
                              Now my character is relying  on a perved version of batman. Why can't i just kick the badguy anymore??
FaithTheNightWing123 FaithTheNightWing123 Aug 15, 2017
Oh no. Hell no. I and when I say I I mean I choose who ima date. If a guy came into my window wearing black and said " I choose yoooou." I would kick em were de sun don't shine,
Samantha_Dreemurr Samantha_Dreemurr Sep 23, 2017's true that I get startled or get scared if someone's outside the window... ._.
QueenHeatherBoylen QueenHeatherBoylen Feb 04, 2016
Toooooo shooorrrrtttt mooooorrrrreeeeeee pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeee
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Nov 01, 2016
Me: Did you hear that Ash? He said he chose you Pikachu!
                              Ash: Oh ok! *raises and throws pokeball as Pikachu appears*
                              Pikachu: Pika!
                              Me: Now Pikachu!
                              *shoots lightning bolt at batman*
                              Batman: *running away* that's not what I meant!