Don't forget [Septiplier]

Don't forget [Septiplier]

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Sofía Núñez By KiraVengeance Completed

Have you ever wanted to remember something clearly? Jack does. He can't forget anything that happens in his life. It's an amazing yet horrible experience. Why is it bad, you ask? Well, let him explain you.

Septiplier fanfiction AU
 JackxMark boyxboy
If you don't like that just ignore

!! Might have triggering stuff. Read with caution <3

I've read this story before and for those who are just starting it be prepared for a lot feels
Jack here is me. The memories, the music, almost entirely how I am. But my memory isn't quite as picture clear as that
ryryrose33 ryryrose33 Oct 17
let the body's hit the floor let the body's hit the floor Let The Body's Hot The FLOOR!!
alecthoo alecthoo Oct 04
whenever my anxiety level is like 100000 music is the only thing that can put me to sleep. what world would this be without songs and melodies
When I read the ending, I nearly had a heart attack until I saw that there was a sequel.
I listen to music while I'm sleeping because I get fidgety and I begin to watch random YouTube videos. I always end up watching random cringey stuff tho