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(Kidnapped)Bride to a Vampire

(Kidnapped)Bride to a Vampire

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The Sock Monster By ghella-tin Updated Sep 30, 2013

Stupid dare. Stupid peer pressure. Stupid best friend.
You must be confused. Let me explain.
*Creepy legend speaking voice- ACTIVATE*
Legend has it that if a young girl, wearing a wedding dress and holding a golden ring, stands at the base of the Hollow tree on the clear, starry night of February 14-Valentine’s day- at exactly midnight she will be taken to the fiery depth of the underworld wed to The Vampire Prince.
Pshhhhhhhh yeah right.
I’ve been standing here for the past 15 minutes and nothings happened. Well apart from getting cold feet.

1CrownlessQueen 1CrownlessQueen Aug 01, 2016
Girllll, we still have five more chapters😏 of course somethings gonna happen...
MysticalPerson MysticalPerson Apr 23, 2016
Yeah don't worry your not the only one I know this annoying girl 😒
ShermitR ShermitR Jun 18, 2016
I feel like there's a pun behind that, bare...
                              Like bare your teeth.....
                              Badum chhsssss
1CrownlessQueen 1CrownlessQueen Aug 01, 2016
You couldn't say no to waiting by a hallow tree in the dead of night wearing a wedding dress? Plus the whole lunch hall heard you so they might even show up to watch you looking all stupid and shït? Umm.... Why may I ask?
1CrownlessQueen 1CrownlessQueen Aug 01, 2016
If no one is there to watch you then how do they know you even did the dare?🤔 you could just leave you know...
-DeathSlayer- -DeathSlayer- Jan 31, 2016
Some of the starting is just like married to the prince of darkness 
                              Its a really good book