Return of the Wolf [Book 1]

Return of the Wolf [Book 1]

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Book one in 'The wolf series'

After losing her pack to a group of feral rogues at the age of 5 and growing up at a military base Scarlet Black returns to her uncle's pack where she meets the family that thought her to be dead.

When she finds an old friend and lost siblings she is forced to mix her military life with her old life and things become just a little dramatic. 
Not to mention a load of power hungry sluts or in a polite tone teenage girls who have many casual sexual partners and just love to cause trouble.
Add in an enemy that calls himself King of the Feral Rogues and his group of, well feral rogues Scarlet's life becomes a whirlwind of drama.

All Scarlet wants to do is be happy with her mate and continue on her military career, sadly fate seems to have a different path for our little heroine to take. 

She only needs to remember three things, 
1) Be careful about who you trust 
2) Keep your friends close and your enemy closer 
3) Family are like branches on a tree, they may grow in different directions yet their roots all remain as one.

Follow Scarlet on her journey of revenge, friendship and love.

- please don't judge too much, its my first book. 
  Hope you all like it :)

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IkramHassan5 IkramHassan5 Apr 15, 2017
That was one of hell way to start the story. I was crying and my aunt thought something bad had happened 😭
                              And wait to read the rest great job
For some reason, I feel like Liam takes this way too calmly, I thought he would interfere at some point and reveal his secret top his team to save her...
madaboutb00ks madaboutb00ks Nov 30, 2016
                              WHO'S WITH ME?!!🙌🙌🙋🙋✊
                              ANY HARRY POTTER FANS HERE??!!