Carnophobia || Natepat fanfiction

Carnophobia || Natepat fanfiction

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Yaoi Queen ✨ By midgetackerman Completed

Carnophobia is the fear of meat which to Nate is hell as the male come from a family of cannibals. 

These cannibals have been genetically modified to work differently from us, they won't feel pain the same as we do, there bodies are much more free willed then ours.

Nate gets sent to a Highschool in a vague attempt to awake his inner cannibal when he makes friends with Matthew Patrick -Matpat- whom he quickly becomes friends with however Matt and Nate have links from the past and it could ruin everything about their friendship and even the feelings they share.

Uhmm glasses mobile hello they are cannibals living on a hill with zero hygenie how the hell do they have these things they are probly hillbillys
How the hell is he using the internet without data package or wifi?
A maze of halls with bloody walls and countless scrawls reminding me 'it's me'