Soul Mates (Jercy)

Soul Mates (Jercy)

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Snap Bracelet Queen By SnapBraceletQueen Updated Jan 23, 2017

Imagine a world where you had until your sixteenth birthday to find the person you were destined to live your life  with. You were born with a watch, counting down the years, days, months, hours. Now imagine finding out that person was the one you hated most. 

Percy struggles to keep his big secret to himself through the next three months, keeping up appearances of hating Jason Grace while slowly falling in love with him. Will Jason love him back once they meet face to face?

After they meet, how will Jason handle the fact that the boy he's hated since his Freshman year is suddenly the boy he's destined to love?

relahmisah relahmisah Nov 11, 2017
I love when your otp starts off hating each other it's such a beautiful thing
AlthaiaSlytherin AlthaiaSlytherin Mar 09, 2017
Zhaldez is as rare as Jimon (Jace and Simon from TMI) and that's saying something.
pandahope31 pandahope31 Jan 23, 2017
So I knew this ship was a thing, it's just so rare and majestic!
- - Mar 11, 2016
This is turning out to be a great story! You should continue it. . .(hint hint).
PersassyFTW PersassyFTW Feb 18, 2017
I would vote, but thus thing keeps popping up saying I've voted too many times
                              Consider this comment a vote 😄
- - Dec 20, 2016
Wait! wait! wait!
                              There's a ship for Leo and Frank.
                              OH MY GODS YES!
                              I'm not the only one!