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sHE is mine(VHope Fanfic)(Mpreg)

sHE is mine(VHope Fanfic)(Mpreg)

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Lee Rin(SEMI HIATUS) By Yoonmin321 Completed

Kim Taehyung is a new student at his high school but here's the thing...
He isn't enrolled as a guy.
Due to reasons, he has to enroll as a girl along with his twin sister, Taeli(yes v has a twin in this cuz why not)
Even though Taehyung is dressed up as a girl and has a thing on his throat to make him sound like a girl cuz we all know he doesn't, he hangs out with 6 other guys.
Where one of them ends up falling for him thinking he is a her. 
What will happen now??
Read and enjoy
(Just so you guys know, in this futuristic set world, boys can get preggo too ;))

KimTeyseok KimTeyseok May 21
YAH! I mainly play bo2 and GTA5 lol I get so mad when playing bo2 I'm like I AM WILDCAT.
jhope094 jhope094 Apr 08
not sure why i just though of this but what if he gets a boner
Well he does make me question my own gender at times but DAYUM Tae makes a great gurl!
We all have to admit that yoongi as a girl is prettier than any of us will ever be
There's nothing unconfterble with hanging out with guys, in my opinion
- - Jan 21
when you are flat chested and don't need to wear bras...Anyone else? no? just me?