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Q&A's / Update

Q&A's / Update

726 Reads 20 Votes 4 Part Story
龍が我が敵を喰らう By GalaxyGhost Completed

Update on new X Readers comes out
Question and answer if you're wondering or not eyo

OK. If you wanna do that then do it.less stress for you to do this if you ask me.
I'm SO sorry you got comments like that! Seriously? Eye color? What does that have to do with the quality of the story? I'm definitely gonna miss rereading the chapters , they were fun to read .
Hmm…well I'm glad to see you're doing well.
                              Honestly, I'm going to respect whatever decision you make. Whether you decide to make another book, or delete this one and move on, I'll respect your chance, whatever it is. It is your book after all, not mine.
…I don't even know what to say to this.
                              I'm not sure if I criticize you for being quite rude in your rant about us or if I should respect your wishes at not continuing this and walk away, never to return to this book again.
                              So I'm gonna do both.