Flower || h.s. [ddlg] **ON HOLD**

Flower || h.s. [ddlg] **ON HOLD**

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❝I never got to be a little girl. ❞ 
                 ❝Well, now you're my little girl.❞

In which a 17 year old girl's broken childhood is restored by 27 a year old man. 


Slower but long updates. 

PLEASE NOTE: Just because this story contains a ddlg relationship does not mean it is purely sexual. This is a romance, and LOVE story. Therefore if you're only looking for smut, kindly do not read. 

R E V I E W S: 

"The writing style is such a breath of fresh air in all that is Harry Styles fanfiction. Also, thank you for understanding DDLG and using it correctly."
                              - @julesnole

"Oh my god, why aren't you famous? This book is great!"

                       - @hallucinatepayne 

"The use of imagery is beautiful, and makes me feel like I'm actually experiencing it."

                           - @-harderharry 

"Such a work of art and literature."
                            - @Malik_Girl123

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nlim2704 nlim2704 Nov 11
The other lines of this poem has at most two comments but this has like 70+...
c-diddy c-diddy Oct 21
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov 😍
                              One of my favorite books 😍
macklemcvey macklemcvey 3 days ago
Omgg i didn't even realize I haven't read the freaking prologue
Marjikat Marjikat Oct 29
Your writing style takes my breath away! I fell in love with your story from the first sentence. Thank you for sharing your gift ❤️
I'm in a bad mood before but when you made that comment 😶😩😰😣☺😀😁😂