Flower || h.s. [ddlg]

Flower || h.s. [ddlg]

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HIATUS By lightsaberstyles Updated Nov 27, 2017

❝I never got to be a little girl. ❞ 
                 ❝Well, now you're my little girl.❞

Innocence is a prize not taken for granted. For seventeen year old Rose, a childhood is something she longs for much after her own ends. Although managing to cope, her search for happiness is one day interrupted when stumbling upon twenty-seven-year-old, ravished business man, Harry; he is a man full of nothing but care, yet he has no one to give it to. However, that all changes one storming night when she ends up in his arms.

Together the two defy the laws of gravity, and in this story of love and loss prove that sometimes a sprinkle of youth is enough to melt two opposing forces into one.

After all, love knows no age, time, nor rules. 


Slower but long updates. 

PLEASE NOTE: Just because this story contains a DD/LG relationship dynamic does not mean it is purely sexual. This is a romance and LOVE story. Therefore if you're only looking for smut, kindly do not read. 

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R E V I E W S: 

"The writing style is such a breath of fresh air in all that is Harry Styles fanfiction. Also, thank you for understanding DDLG and using it correctly."
                              - @julesnole

"Oh my god, why aren't you famous? This book is great!"

                       - @hallucinatepayne 

"The use of imagery is beautiful, and makes me feel like I'm actually experiencing it."

                           - @-harderharry 

"Such a work of art and literature."
                            - @Malik_Girl123

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pradadevil pradadevil Aug 30, 2017
I swear I've seen that gif/girl before and I can't think of where
dweebs dweebs Nov 27, 2017
Uhhhh Is it possible to fall in love with an image because I think I just did
mizaarie mizaarie Dec 27, 2017
All this past tense is making me nervous do I need a tissue box-
msthickthighs msthickthighs Nov 28, 2017
1) Bomb ass trailer 2) that scene where they were kissing by the waterfall in the cave kinda of reminded me of the show H2O idk why lol 3) SOMEONE GETS SHOT?!
faefaewil faefaewil Nov 27, 2017
So excited to see this book continue. I love it !!!!!! Updateee 😭😂
dxniwbu dxniwbu Sep 22, 2017
literally everyone is like lolita and i'm like "the fire in my loins, the itch in my crotch, thE oNe tHE ONLY, THE INFAMOUS, hArLeY qUinN"