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The Mathers Twins

The Mathers Twins

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taylor #hesnotmypresident By lautnerslily Updated Feb 10

What if Marshall Mathers had a fraternal twin sister named Zoe? Zoe and Marshall are super close, best friends even, despite being total opposites of each other. Zoe is a straight-A student with big dreams of her own... she wants to be a model. Marshall is extremely protective of Zoe but how will they maintain their close relationships when Zoe goes off to college on the other end of the country?

originalqxeen originalqxeen Jan 30, 2016
Why does zoe sound like a teacher's pet?
                              Jk you go zo-zo😂👍
CotDammitMarshall CotDammitMarshall Jan 30, 2016
This story is really creative! I love the uniqueness of Marshall having a fraternal twin!
Eminemzminnie Eminemzminnie Jan 29, 2016
Great concept and plot for a story it's really original and your details and characterization is great! Everyone seemed in character even the setting so your off to a wonderful start! :D