Each Little Soul

Each Little Soul

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A man with nothing left to lose. A woman with no idea what she could gain.

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Foster Standish has lost all sense of direction.

After the death of his young son, he's left doubting everything about his life: his teaching career, his future path, and every decision he's ever made.

Consumed by grief, Foster sets out on a quest to find the person who hand-made the donated teddy bear that became his son's most prized possession.

When the trail leads him to an unexpected, unsuspecting woman, he soon discovers he's not the only one life has stolen from, and that healing can be found in the most surprising places.

MGPetrino MGPetrino Feb 02, 2016
I have always loved serialized fiction, and I am looking forward to taking this journey with you :)
MGPetrino MGPetrino Feb 02, 2016
Two streams ready to meet and become a river. Great intro to characters, even those who have left the scene.
lightatdark lightatdark Aug 13, 2016
I'm new on Wattpad and Firstly I've read your books .And all was great.Especially this story .I liked your story.Can you give me advices that How to be a effective and succesful writer
thunderingtyphoons thunderingtyphoons Feb 02, 2016
So excited!!!  I have loved all your stories so far!!  And this one will be a delight!!  Will sure have fun following you along the story!
QueenieDxx QueenieDxx Jul 21, 2016
I'm so confused....it says the story is completed....or is this an old note?