My OC and anime drawings!

My OC and anime drawings!

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Dead with Uni By Antonia_Htet Updated Oct 26, 2019

Please skip to the last chapter. Most of these are old, and I feel embarrassed. >////< But if you want to see how much I've improved throughout the year, you can start from the first chapter. (Though, not recommending the latter one as those drawings are from like, two years ago. Just skip to the last chapter) 

Hi all! I'm just a girl who wants to be an artist. I draw both OC and anime characters. And also, game characters! (But don't expect much, ok??) I'll post my pencil/pen arts and digital arts here.

I like messy sketches. All hail pencils! :3 

I mostly draw boys and I don't really know how to draw a girl... 

Anyway, thank you for reading my book. All the suggestions are welcomed. ^_^


Requests? Hmmmmm... I don't know. I don't draw girls. Plus, I'm a very lazy person. 

Enjoy the boys~

[Yes, yes, I drew the cover picture. Reference used though]