Badass Competition ✔ [Slowly Editing]

Badass Competition ✔ [Slowly Editing]

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❝ I wish I could go back to the day I met you and walk away. 
  You were fire and I craved your touch against my skin. ❞
  ❝ I fell to my knees and allowed you to break down my walls
   ...Now I'm glad you did.❞
  Adrianna James and Vincent Moore were the devil kids at the age of 7.
  Until Adrianna had to leave with her father after her parents unfortunate divorce.
  Their story didn't end here, for 10 years later,  the devils reunite. Except, maybe they aren't as fond of each other as they used to be.
  Let's meet Adri James, her school's badass.
  And Vincent Moore, his school's Badass.

  The two will find themselves falling in a competition to earn the title of the Badass of the school.
  During the war, will they be able to find love after all, or will it just be a Badass Competition ?

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jrjr289 jrjr289 Mar 20
Your welcome and by the way i started reading now and i love both of the,
Man they have a better love life than me and THEY WERE SEVEN!!!
NineyBoo NineyBoo Dec 08, 2016
This sounds interesting although I can't see their faces in the photo
Soo_random03 Soo_random03 Oct 22, 2016
They have a bigger love life at the age of seven than I will in my entire life
thehornet_greenie thehornet_greenie Jun 07, 2016
I just can't find the words to describe it. Its great,it's like I am reliving the years I shared with my friend in school.Except the hugging part.....:).Keep it up!!
DLC_RIP DLC_RIP Dec 03, 2016
Mannn I wasn't even thinking about boys when I was 7 and now they saying I love you, damn