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One thing in which Devora Evans hated was the constant bullying she received due to her unusual name. 

On an unfortunate night after an equally unfortunate bullying event in the day, Devora found herself kidnapped by a bunch of masked gangsters who smuggled her over the border and towards Mexico. It was when she was kept hostage had she met her knight in shining armor, a guy that looked no more than Devora's own age. Said guy also proceeded to break Devora out, along with many other kidnapped children.

No one said that the escape would be easy, however. That's because Devora and her new friend, Nathan, will have to face much danger, spies, secrets, and assassins before safety will show itself.

And best of all, they have to conquer love, for their lives would be forever intertwined from that moment on.


this story is set in the year 2005. 

Highest Rank Action: #3
Highest Rank Teen Fiction: #105


So, is this a prequel sort of thing for bad girls??? Is this why Nathan left all of a sudden and The Triple Threat had to go look for him???
Itz_Bat Itz_Bat May 30
Nathan Jerald I know him from bad girls! Didn't they say he got married and had kids!
Itz_Bat Itz_Bat May 30
He must've gotten married to her or something I didn't really.
A while ago me and my friends were at Pizza Hut and that song came on in the radio and one of my friends had a legit mental breakdown
fruitcakewriter fruitcakewriter Aug 12, 2016
OOOOH Jerald? Wait is he related to the Jerald's in Bad Girls?
laaaillaaaa laaaillaaaa Sep 28, 2016
What book is this a spin off of??? Love this book already but I forgot which book Devora is from