Your Innocence ( Brallon )

Your Innocence ( Brallon )

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Panic! 08/02/16 By whatacatchdallon Updated Oct 20

Mr. Shapiro was always nice to Brendon, ever since Mr. S took him in 15 years ago. Brendon is 19 now, and everything is going great, although he isn't allowed to leave the house, everything was going great.

Until he looked outside the window when Mr. S wasn't home.


This is loosely based on the Cleveland kidnappings in 2013. There will be a non-consented sexual scene in here. Along with other triggering things like, anxiety, maybe self harm, blood, molestation. 

Please read at your own risk.

I'm scared idk if I should keep reading this but oh well guess we'll see how this goes
Tyler I just want to say that you have so much talent and I bet it must of been really hard to write this I know that when I was reading the more sad bits that I was in floods of tears. You have so much talent and treasure that well done Tyler
You know the fan fics gonna be deep when there's no comments on the first paragraph
mactyler mactyler May 29
I feel like this is gonna have like a rapunzel kinda theme going on.
i'm sorry but when it says mr. s i just keep thinking about robbie shapiro kms