Your Innocence ( Brallon )

Your Innocence ( Brallon )

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Tyler Garcia By clusterhugweekes Updated Jan 07

Mr. Shapiro was always been nice to Brendon, ever since He took him in 15 years ago.  Brendon's 19 now, and everything is going great, although he isn't allowed to leave the house, everything was going the way it should be.

Until he looked outside the window when Mr. S wasn't home.


This is loosely based on the Cleveland kidnappings in 2013. There will be a non-consented sexual scene in here. Along with other triggering things like, anxiety, maybe self harm, blood, molestation. 

Please read at your own risk.

Oh dear Yeesus, why? My stomach just dropped when I read that...
space-babe- space-babe- Apr 16
Mother knows best, listen to your mother, it's a scary world out there
alx-wnchstr alx-wnchstr Apr 13
okay but how old is the old man because I don't know if I should think of someone around 50 or 30
im rereading this because this is one of the best fan fics ive read tbh
spicyphan spicyphan May 12
I gasped because I read ahead and I thought it said "Brendon hasn't tried food yet" i was like hE HASNT ATE HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE
foblvr foblvr Aug 29
Mother knows best listen to your mother it's a scary world out there mother knows best one way or another something will go wrong I swear