Chocolate and tattoo's (BWWM)

Chocolate and tattoo's (BWWM)

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Latifa Keller By LatifaKeller Updated Jul 07

"Chocolate is pretty great isn't it?"- Miyah Kelly

If you thought the Italian Mafia was ruthless than you don't know the Russian Mafia.

First your parents get killed by the Russian Mafia and then you find out  That the Russian Mafia wasn't pleased so you get kidnapped and ripped away from the non social, crappy  life you created.
 Then the Mafia boss decided he doesn't want money but wants you to play his whore for an month and promises to leave your back to your peaceful life.
But what if it all a lie? What if Vitaly Andronikov  lied to Miyah Kelly that he will let her go? 
Only for his sick pleasures.
It all happens to Miyah Kelly who thought the Mafia was done with her after they killed her parents.

Russian Mafia love  story

This story has literally no filters. #sorryNotSorry

Spin off from Mr. Salvatoré

Lots of rated R chapters

Not advised for young readers,

This reminds me of Blac Chyna and her eggos 😂 she did take them right?
EriikaReal EriikaReal Mar 29
Not the dog....😂😂😂😂😂 I kinda feel bad for laughing 😌
BroitsJay BroitsJay Aug 22
You can't you have to cut your hair off and start again or transition then cut the perm line
I had long beautiful hair and when I got a tournament 10 those curls had stopped being curls and now my hair almost falling up I got split ends and everything I hate it I hate it I hate it I wish I could just go back and never do it again
Deep olive skin?? Isn't that like... This🖖🏼color? Is this chick the same as the girl on the cover?
I aint gonna lie but that cake or whatever it is looks hella good