Business and feelings will only lead into complications

Business and feelings will only lead into complications

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Everlasting crow By jaimeeicop Updated Aug 11

Jellal Fernandes was forced to break up with his longtime girlfriend Erza scarlet, he never wanted to break her heart but his father gave him no choice or else his father will do something he can't even imagine. 

He broke up with her, in order to protect the one he love the most, which is Erza. 

4 years has passed by after that incident.  He still loves Erza but will Erza love him back? Or hate him? 

Still a newbie here but pls give it a shot thank u! I do not own fairy tail!

I'm crying. And I was listening to a sad vocaloid song by Gumi too
I'm crying😭 My parents are looking at me and asking me if I'm ok
OMG when you ship Jerza you'll cry and be angry when you read this huhuhuhu
- - Jan 29
Awww that made me cry a lot!!! 😭😭 I hope they get back together in the future!!
Me: Oh are you Erza's father, I'm on a business deal with these girls with pitchforks, and would like to make a deal with you.
                              Jellal's Father: But your only 12, so are these girls... 
                              Me: * Holds katana up to neck* YOU SHALL DIE. *fangirls are chanting 'Jerza for life'
-cronerosed -cronerosed Feb 07
This was amazing >.< Gosh, the feels though I was listening to a really depressing song too! :D