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Destined for Flames (One Piece Fanfic)

Destined for Flames (One Piece Fanfic)

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Arctic (Indefinite Hiatus) By Arctic_Sky Updated Jul 01, 2015

Flynn D. Raya.

Sixteen, hotheaded, stranded on a small island where simply mentioning the taboo word pirates will earn you a slew of reproachful glares and an unyielding silence. For years, she's dealt with it, understanding that any dark thoughts are unproductive, that they won't unbind her from this prison. But when she happens upon a small boat docking at her island's shabby harbor, she wonders if she'll be allowed to want again - for a life where her dreams aren't meaningless, a life where she'll be able to sear her existence into the memory of the World Government once and for all.
(Oh and one more thing. I don't own One Piece only Raya, her dialogue, and changes to the plot. But I don't own the majority of the dialogue given to the other characters of the One Piece universe. That honor goes to the creator of this amazing manga/anime, Eiichiro Oda!)

Oh my god
                              *points finger* How did you incorporate me into the story so accurately?
Roymustang24 Roymustang24 Jul 10, 2016
Whenever a character talks I imagine him/her talking and I am actually doing the voices too
Buggy is just like a worm
                              In terms of his ability, being able to split into parts and still able to move when separated. The Earth worms can do the same. Compared to the others in One Piece he is considered very weak.
doomslate doomslate Jul 29, 2016
Ignorance is bliss until the aftershock starts creeping in like the cold, black depth of the ocean if you try swimming after eating of the demons fruit.
Maniniliny Maniniliny Jun 30, 2016
*Sees strange fruit*
                              Doesn't look like it's raw or anything...
                              *Eats whole thing*
                              BAD IDEA, BAD IDEA!!!!
                              *Another one falls*
                              [Start at begging]
Maniniliny Maniniliny Jun 30, 2016
Oh, trying to make idiots out of us by thinking they'd leave without Raya?
                              Silly author, we know that'll never happen.