Deadly Tempest

Deadly Tempest

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HappyCakes By HappyCakes Updated Jan 30, 2018


Tempest Lee had always been told that she and her sister were special and her parents took every precaution they could think of to keep them safe. Even going as far as teaching Tempest a few skills one wouldn't normally teach a child.
So what happens when at the age of eleven, the scary man from her parents
 stories not only kills her parents but kidnaps her little sister as well?

I'll tell you one thing, that night sparks something inside of her the world has never seen before and she's gunning for
 the man responsible. It's been nine years since she last saw her sister and she's pissed. So Red Mask if you're reading this, there's a storm coming your way that'll rain Heaven and Hell upon your world. I suggest you run because she's coming for her sister...and your head.

  • dangerous
  • fantasy
  • fire
  • revenge
  • ruthless
  • sisters
  • special
  • tempest
  • thriller