What's left of life

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Shay By letmeshine Updated 2 years ago
For some living life to the fullest is their goal but not for Mia, An eighteen year old who lost her parents  and was left to look after her brother. She is alone in trying to make a life worth living for her brother, but what's of life itself when your living it for someone else right. That was the case until someone came along and tangled it all up for her, Someone who brought meaning when they arrived and made living  a little more exciting for her.
I'm really liking it, it's well written in the sense that I feel it emotionally. Still, as constructive criticism (wich I like to receive in my works) some mistakes in the grammar confused me and didn't let some things well explained. That fixed everything else seems to turn really good.
It's good, but maybe just try editing it, put in punctuations, and fix your grammar mistakes. But overall good job!