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Close (Septiplier)

Close (Septiplier)

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- By SeptiplierXtrash Completed

Jack and Mark have been friends since Pre-k. It is their 11th year in school together. While Mark is living life to the fullest without a care to the world,Jack on the other hand. Is exploring his sexuality..... Will a dare leave Jack on his edge hoping for something to happen? Or will Jack finally confront Mark?

ImAPieceOfShit ImAPieceOfShit Sep 06, 2016
I mean you gotta get a little gay with you best friends to be real friends. I change with my friends all the time. and when I'm taking a shower my friend will sit on the counter and talk to me and even the other way around lol.
that_one_emo_fish that_one_emo_fish Mar 12, 2016
When I read this I was eating pretzel stick and I was like
                              *wrist bend* there Gona be some drama mama, get the popcorn!
yikesimdun yikesimdun Feb 05
I love hearing about changing underwear rather than an actual storyline and plot JKJKJK
Well I mean
                              Friend D's are friends right?
                              Gotta be gay sometimes...
                              I guess
I have this big group of friends that I'm really close to, so whenever we have like a sleepover or something, we all change at the same time, and half of us don't even bring pajama pants lol
i69ShadesOf42 i69ShadesOf42 Jun 18, 2016
Oh I guess, since they're friends and both men. Lol I change in front of my friends all the time. Took me a minute to think about it and realized it.