What Are You? Potter x reader x Malfoy

What Are You? Potter x reader x Malfoy

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Nira Himaora By da_nerdy_noob Updated May 15

Harry Potter. A name you've heard countless times. A name you've sworn to protect, even if it costs you your life. A name for today.

Tom Riddle. A name you can never forget. A name you wish was still here. A name for yesterday.

Draco Malfoy. A name you have yet to hear. A name you will soon become familiar with. A name for tomorrow.

Join y/n as she learns from her past, lives in her present, and confronts her future.

I own nothing but the plot
Every else belongs to an amazing person known as J.K Rowling

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Wait...do me and Dudley have a sister brother like relationship?
corniestcob corniestcob Jul 28, 2017
Whut about my alpacas     Fun fact:alpacas are very social so if one is alone for to long it gets lonely and dies
fuck_damn_papi fuck_damn_papi Dec 24, 2017
Yo u going to get rice gum please tell me it's rice gum not food rice😪
scarletRAVENS scarletRAVENS Oct 05, 2016
Story of my life just make the parents alive one hate you the other thinking you're a monster
Life_is_the_meh Life_is_the_meh Dec 06, 2016
Just great! Dudley has crush on me!! Perfect!! *Note the extreme sarcasm*
Black_Star221 Black_Star221 Aug 01, 2016
I cant believe I'm getting that fat pig named Dudley to do work let alone help HARRY POTTER!!!!