Ciel X Reader

Ciel X Reader

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|s e n p a i| By Anna-Senpaiii Completed

(Y/N), she worked for the Queen. 
The Queen's 'Black Cat', was what people called her.
One day, she receives a letter from her father.
She was getting engaged....
To Ciel Phantomhive,
The Queen's guard dog.

Ciel's engagement was broken off with Lizzy.
He never really saw her as his wife.
He only loved her like family.
Except, after the engagement was broken off,
He was set to get engaged to the Queen's 'Black Cat'...

Okay, let me get this straight with y'all.
I DON'T ship Sebastian X Ciel.
I just don't okay?
Anyways, this story is for fun, I want to do this for experience. 
And fun.
Also, I got the 'Black Cat' thing from a different story.
I forgot which one.
But yeah.


Cutienanza05 Cutienanza05 4 days ago
By the way I'm definitely I phyco that would say ONWARD TO NARNIAAA
But you'll love me anyway or else you'll be a wonderful sacrifice to the sun gods
At first I thought 💭 it said head butler of this STATE but I read it again and it says 🏡 ESTATE
NICE----------------------------------------------------TRIPLE  V O T E
I'm allowed to think that. I'm gonna marry the guy soon. And it's truuuue
And I'm engaged to a sadistic pessimist that only has a talent for bitching about everything.