// Watching Miraculous Ladybug //

// Watching Miraculous Ladybug //

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feri✰ By Chatastrophic Updated Oct 26, 2016

The title says it all!


This is my very first Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction, and I'm very excited for it. This is really sappy and stupid, but this kids show that plays on nickelodeon every sunday has become a huge part of my life (so has undertale, but we'll get to that) and I hope everyone who reads this book enjoys it.
Thank you!

Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta May 16, 2016
YOU ARE LITTER-ALLY SITTING NEXT TO HER!! LOOK TO YOUR LEFT WHO DO YOU-- ?!! You know what my preciously Dence cinnamon roll you shall not be forgiven until you know.
xXassholeishXx xXassholeishXx Jun 09, 2016
Idk I find this hilarious bcuz my best friend's birthday is on Thursday (tomorrow) yours is on Friday, and mine's on Saturday ;u;
                              Happy early birthday
ProngsTheMarauder_ ProngsTheMarauder_ Jul 08, 2016
Sketchy girl comes into school..
                              "Hi I am trustworthy" 
                              "Oh hey"
AsUsefulAsDansBelt AsUsefulAsDansBelt Apr 19, 2016
No she is in the room to ur left, 
                              WHAT DO U THINK SHE JUST SAID EY ?
Erin_Hamada_ Erin_Hamada_ Aug 01, 2016
Idfk 😂😂😂 this guy is a fangirl now since he's in LOVE with ladybug (aka) marinette sooooo he loves them both and fyi she's sitting right next to you you dumba**
caramelseoullatte caramelseoullatte Jun 24, 2016
So trustworthy. I totally trust her.
                              Hawkmoth what shît did you do this time.