Fake Number: A Phanfiction

Fake Number: A Phanfiction

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One day, Dan meets a girl at a bar. He likes her a lot, and so he asks her for her number. She gives it to him, no problem. When he texts her the next day, he finds out that she, indeed, gave him a fake number. But who knew something good could come out of it?

Dan: Kaylie?

Unknown Number: sorry, dude. fake number, I guess.

Dan got a boyfriend in like 5 minutes IVE never been in a relationship
                              (•-•)/ hi my name is
I was gonna say 'hey buddy you in london?' but I realised I'm not really original lOL
Wow dan got a boyfriend quicker than i ever did in my 14 years of existence.
iliterallyhavenolife iliterallyhavenolife Dec 14, 2016
I just had to look at the thumbnail and then I already knew what video it was