Fake Number: A Phanfiction

Fake Number: A Phanfiction

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tate. By TheBabiesArentOkay Completed

One day, Dan meets a girl at a bar. He likes her a lot, and so he asks her for her number. She gives it to him, no problem. When he texts her the next day, he finds out that she, indeed, gave him a fake number. But who knew something good could come out of it?

Dan: Kaylie?

Unknown Number: sorry, dude. fake number, I guess.

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Dan got a boyfriend in like 5 minutes IVE never been in a relationship
Already has relationship in two minutes, me still alone on the earth and has been 14 almost 15 yrs
Not anymore vampire, idgaf about his recent liveshow he's still translucent as shït
                              (•-•)/ hi my name is
I was gonna say 'hey buddy you in london?' but I realised I'm not really original lOL
Wow dan got a boyfriend quicker than i ever did in my 14 years of existence.