Book 1 - I Don't Date Cheerleaders #Wattys2016 (Completed) (GirlxGirl)

Book 1 - I Don't Date Cheerleaders #Wattys2016 (Completed) (GirlxGirl)

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Jacqueline Dohim By JacquelineDohim Completed

Carmen Larove, a rebellious 16 year old girl with a secret, master in martial arts and she doesn't give a damn about what other thinks about her.  After her recent fight that she started in a boarding school, she was kicked out and her parents force her to enter a public school where her older twin sisters go to. Carmen is also an openly lesbian girl.

Larissa Vincent, a 16 year old cheerleader who is openly bisexual. She came from an average family and open-minded. She is one of the most popular girls in school but she's not the Queen Bee. She also has to work in a local coffee shop after school to help her dad support her 2 little sisters, her sick mother and to pay the bills. 

What happen when a rich rebellious girl met one of the school famous cheerleader? 

Will there be spark between them?

Or will there be chaos?

Read to find out.

Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski 3 days ago
Lol. They'd put it on my account. I'd be able to use the remaining money at school as long as I had my badge and my face.
redniya27 redniya27 May 12
She does this while my brother tells me to shut up when I wasn't even talking and farts on me.
Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski 3 days ago
I feel like she's being irrational and childish. Sounds like a high schooler. 
                              Does she have any particular reason why she's angry?
Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski 3 days ago
Tf. I would probably stare at them regardless. But for other reasons. People watching is fun~
raygene23 raygene23 May 01
tbh I wanted Carmen to beat the hell out of Paul. Like what's his deal?!
Kai_Otsutski Kai_Otsutski 3 days ago
*chuckles* I honestly thought the title placement was going to be elsewhere. Oh well. Onto the next paragraph or chapter!