two sides collide

two sides collide

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my rivival By thepandaispurple Updated Aug 22, 2016

h2ovanoss --

status; unfinished + on hold
in the process of editing before continuing
❝He may be cold but I can't seem to not find that highly attractive❞

Vanoss, the well known gang leader, known for bringing hell upon his enemy's and for his cold, ruthless personality. Him and his gang got a lot of their plate, being criminals and all, they gotta keep a reputation, and when Intel of rival gang member coming by at a later date reached them- oh their plan raised for higher stakes.

Delirious, a masked killer, forced into the gang life by is dad. He is known for having great stealth skills, along with the odd Jason mask he wears during his kills. Him and his 'Boss' who is also his dad, have a poor relationship, always fighting, but his dad keeps him here only due to the fact he is a good killer. He is a great tool to his father in this case, who also puts him up for jobs he knows the other gang members cannot handle, even if its just getting information, of a silly new gang in town.

when these two sides get into a silly misunderstanding, what will happen, when the two different members, slowly gain interested in one another?

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daddydelrious daddydelrious Aug 22, 2017
I think it is😂😂
                              When Evan did the ice bucket challenge
                              My organs
                              Were no more
Hey how tall are you?
                              No how tall are you 
CharminNootIsGudNoot CharminNootIsGudNoot Sep 01, 2016
you made del 22 even though in reality he is the oldest in the group. he's 28 XD
Norablue19 Norablue19 Feb 10, 2016
Can't wait to read it!
                              Sounds like my book l'm writing but different. Lol
EnderbrineNinja48 EnderbrineNinja48 May 07, 2016
Whats funny is del is five years older than Evan in real life!