When Two Sides Collide ♡ H20Vanoss

When Two Sides Collide ♡ H20Vanoss

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Bad Writer™ By thepandaispurple Updated Aug 22

Vanoss is the Leader of a Brave, Tough, and Ruthless Gang.
Delirious is Forced into the gang he is in by His Dad. 
What will happen when these Two People from These Gangs Collide?

Will they Ignore or Resist the Love they Have For Eachother?

WARNING: Mature, Language, Depression, weapons, and Fights take part in this FanFiction

I think he once tweeted saying he's 6'4. Damn. I'm a fuckin any compared to him. I'm only 5'2. And two quarters of an inch!
How did ypu know my nickname lol my friends call me miss panda 🐼
I remember hitting a person with a bat..
                              It was my bff's ex,who had cheated on her.
                              I whacked him out.
                              And guess who he was dating?
                              .. FUCKIN GOD DAMN HELEN!
                              NO ONE LIKES HELEN.
                              TF IS UP WIT YOU?
CANASIANS UNITE(I'm Asian and I was born in Canada) LETS GO WOO
HelenaMunck HelenaMunck Sep 01
you made del 22 even though in reality he is the oldest in the group. he's 28 XD
Norablue19 Norablue19 Feb 10
Can't wait to read it!
                              Sounds like my book l'm writing but different. Lol