Sugar || AG & Y/N (Lesbian)

Sugar || AG & Y/N (Lesbian)

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Ari's Army By -CherryGrande- Updated Jun 22, 2016

"You're just too sweet, Ari."

"I can show you how sweet I can get, Y/N..."

*Sexual content is inside, read at your own risk*

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Hey, look it's the jack azz flucky whore with no ability to think for himself cuz he's a tool☺
bixch and she don't want to sit with yo following azz stfu TF😐
Girl you fo everybody don't nobody want yo lil crusty pu* so pls be deceased
I feel uncomfortable saying my name so I'm calling her Jessica
If getting tripped gets her to notice me then I'm really about to be tripping
I only drink water (idk what's wrong with me)...but I'll drink it just for you Ari