Jungkook Smut; I didn't mean to look

Jungkook Smut; I didn't mean to look

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Taehyunnie❤️ By fangirling_over_oppa Completed

Everytime you are with Jungkook he makes your brain turn to mush and when you accidentally walk in on him in the shower, you explode with emotion trying to explain. 

"You get scared?" He says....

He takes a step forward and grips your chin bringing your face to look at his, taking you off guard. "I'm not a monster under the bed you know," he says and smirking while his eyes slowly move to your lips.

ss35peace ss35peace Jan 09
This is probably the best one I've read so far. So professionally written!
Jungkooksfavehoe Jungkooksfavehoe Jul 31, 2016
The good thing about this is that it's the best smut I've read in a while, the bad news is I think my ovaries exploded
TaesJamsInfireMe TaesJamsInfireMe Nov 16, 2016
Someone find me some tables to flip.... but damn that got real hot real quick.......... I like that
MMeriyou MMeriyou Jul 25, 2016
This is really good. It's the first adult fanfic I read that is well writen, kind of realistic and original. Congrats!
Eva_the_noodle Eva_the_noodle Sep 29, 2016
Did she brush her teeth like who talks to bts with gross breath
JoanaAlves97 JoanaAlves97 Aug 27, 2016
I'm sure namjoon is close by... 😜😜😜 if you're in the mood for a threesome 😏😏😏